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Microsoft Whiteboard: Getting Started with Microsoft Whiteboard

90 Minutes

  • What is Whiteboard and how might you use it?

  • Where can you access and use Microsoft Whiteboard?

  • Adding content

    • Inserting documents

    • Inserting videos

    • Inserting links

    • Inserting reactions

    • Adding shapes

    • Drawing on an image

    • Handwriting on the screen

    • Adding images to the whiteboard

    • Modifying notes

    • Using notes and note grids

    • Adding and modifying text

    • Using templates

  • Using tools

    • Accessing Select, Inking, and Create tools

    • Accessing Profile, Share and Settings

    • Using the Eraser tool

    • Using and modifying Pens

    • Using the Ruler tool

    • Using the Lasso Select tool

  • Naming a whiteboard

  • Saving a whiteboard

  • Accessing your whiteboards

  • Clearing the canvas

  • Panning

  • Zooming

  • Moving from tool to tool and object to object

  • Things you can do to a picture

  • Locking an image to the background

  • Using Alignment Guides/Object Snapping

  • Working with Settings

  • Exporting content

  • Using collaborative cursors

  • Using enhanced inked shapes

  • Formatting the background

  • Making whiteboards read-only

  • Saving time with keyboard shortcuts  

  • Continue working after a meeting

  • Deleting a whiteboard



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