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Microsoft Visio Classes

Microsoft Visio: Getting Started with Microsoft Visio

3 Hours

  • What is Visio?

  • Creating a new diagram

  • The Visio interface

  • Important terminology

  • Getting help

  • Modifying the workspace

  • Shape views

  • Floating and docking stencil windows

  • Displaying and using the Favorites stencil

  • Using drawing tools

  • Using the pencil tool to create your own shapes from existing shapes

  • Changing the zoom percentage

  • Magnification tricks

  • Selecting, resizing, formatting, and modifying a shape

  • Adding text to a shape and formatting text

  • Rotating shapes with or without text

  • Adding ScreenTips to shapes

  • Adding a comment to a shape

  • Changing a shape’s line and fill

  • Using themes 

  • Moving and copying shapes

  • Using the dynamic grid

  • Working with the Grid

  • Aligning and distributing shapes

  • Dragging guides off of the rulers

  • Grouping and ungrouping shapes 

  • Changing the order of shapes

  • Connecting shapes

  • Ungluing a connector from a shape

  • Switching from any tool back to the pointer tool

  • Using AutoConnect

  • Changing the shape of connectors

  • Moving a connector around an object

  • Resetting a connector

  • Adding arrows and other shapes to the beginning and/or end of connectors

  • Creating and using custom connectors

  • Working with line jumps

  • Creating, changing, moving, and formatting callouts

  • Determining the width, height, and angle of an object

  • Creating containers

  • Using a shape to access another page

  • Accessing a page with a hyperlink

  • Working with pages

  • Printing a drawing

  • Changing the drawing scale



Microsoft Visio: Useful Features in Microsoft Visio

3 Hours

It is highly recommended that you take Microsoft Visio: Getting Started with Microsoft Visio or have equivalent training or experience working with Visio.


  • Creating custom stencils

  • Creating custom master shapes

  • Adding data fields to shapes

  • Creating and using custom templates

  • Saving a Visio diagram in different file formats

  • Using dimensioning tools

  • Creating, assigning, and customizing layers

  • Working with ShapeSheets

  • Presentation Mode

  • Exporting snippets of a diagram to PowerPoint

  • 3D shapes

  • Discovering a shape’s abilities and behaviors

  • Inserting backgrounds, borders, and titles

  • Inserting drawings in other Microsoft Office files

  • Creating shape reports

  • Accessing the Drawing Window Explorer

  • Creating a brainstorming diagram

  • Creating an organization chart with Excel



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Microsoft Visio: Useful Featues
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