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Microsoft PowerPoint Classes

Microsoft PowerPoint: Getting Started with Microsoft PowerPoint

3 Hours

6 Hour Format Titled Introduction to PowerPoint


  • Starting PowerPoint

  • Adding a title and subtitle

  • Editing and formatting text

  • Resizing text placeholders

  • Saving a presentation

  • Opening and closing a presentation

  • Shortcuts for creating a new presentation and new slides

  • Creating bulleted and numbered lists

  • Changing bulleted symbols

  • Creating tables

  • Creating charts

  • Creating SmartArt Graphics

  • Inserting and modifying video files and online videos

  • Moving from slide to slide

  • Working with views

  • Using drawing tools

  • Drawing “Perfect” objects

  • Resizing an object around a point

  • Grouping objects

  • Rotating objects

  • Stacking objects with Bring Forward/Send to Back

  • Spell checking

  • Printing

  • Inserting pictures

  • Presentation guidelines

  • Running a slide show



Microsoft PowerPoint: Useful Features in Microsoft PowerPoint

3 Hours

6 Hour Format Titled Advanced PowerPoint


It is highly recommended you take Microsoft PowerPoint: Creating Effective Presentations or have equivalent training or experience working with Microsoft PowerPoint.


  • Using guidelines

  • Creating bulleted and numbered lists

  • Using transitions

  • Applying a theme

  • Creating a template

  • Using slide masters to change a number of slides at the same time

    • Modifying the slide master

    • Creating your own layouts

    • Canceling the slide master for one page

  • Adding page numbers

  • Changing the color scheme of one slide

  • Inserting an outline from Microsoft Word

  • Replacing fonts throughout a presentation

  • Creating tables

  • Enhanced drawing

  • Duplicating objects

  • Rotating and flipping objects

  • Aligning objects

  • Changing AutoShapes

  • Grouping and ungrouping objects

  • Using the Format Painter

  • Creating and editing graphs

  • Changing layouts

  • Importing a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet

  • Importing a chart

  • Linking a spreadsheet

  • Working with graphics

    • Recoloring and cropping graphics

  • Creating Speaker Notes

  • Working with the Handout Master

  • Applying slide transitions

  • Tricks while running a slide show

    • Hiding slides

    • Using a pen to annotate a presentation

    • Using a laser pointer

    • Pausing during a slide show

    • Blacking out or whiting out the presentation

    • Stopping and starting an automatic show

  • Branching to other presentations

  • Customizing the ribbon

  • Understanding PowerPoint Options

  • Changing the default presentation

  • Animating slides

  • Creating custom layouts

  • Display video in text



Microsoft PowerPoint: Useful Features
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