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Microsoft Outlook Classes

Microsoft Outlook: Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook

3 Hours

  • What is Outlook?

  • Parts of the screen

    • The Navigation Pane

    • The Message List

      • Compact View vs. Single View

      • Message Preview

    • The Reading Pane

      • Reading pane options

    • The Calendar and Task Panes

  • Marking messages as read or unread

  • Filtering for unread messages

  • Searching mail

  • Sorting messages

  • Working with folders

    • Creating folders

    • Rearranging and sorting folders

    • Adding and removing folders from Favorites

  • Searching for files, appointments, meetings, notes, contacts and tasks

  • Creating a message

    • Addressing a message

    • CC, BCC

    • Checking spelling

    • Message Options

    • Read and delivery receipts

    • Importance

    • Sensitivity

    • Delay delivery

    • Direct replies to someone else

    • Voting buttons

    • Saving sent items in a particular folder

  • Working with attachments

    • Creating attachments

    • Previewing attachments

    • Saving attachments

  • Working with categories

    • Creating categories

    • Sorting by category

    • Filtering by category

  • Working with the calendar

    • Working with calendar views

    • Navigating within a calendar

    • Setting calendar options

    • Creating appointments

    • Deleting appointments

    • Entering recurring appointments

    • Creating and sending a meeting request

    • Checking to see an invitee's availability

    • Printing a calendar

  • Creating a contact card

  • Creating tasks

    • Creating and sending a task request

  • Creating notes

  • Using and modifying Outlook Today



Microsoft Outlook: Useful Features in Microsoft Outlook

3 Hours

It is recommended you take Microsoft Outlook: Getting Started with Microsoft Outlook or have equivalent training or experience with Microsoft Outlook.


  • Creating items based on other items

  • Creating search folders and other advanced search techniques

  • Filtering options

  • Forwarding emails as attachments

  • Working with conversations

  • Setting out of office messages

  • Recalling a message

  • Creating hyperlinks

  • Creating an AutoSignature

  • Flagging messages for follow-up

  • Creating contact groups

  • Forwarding and sharing contacts

  • Working with other people's calendars

  • Overlaying calendars

  • Setting up delegate access

  • Working with other Microsoft Office applications

  • Working with Permissions

  • Understanding options

  • Creating your own views

  • Sending vCards

  • Working with Quick Steps

  • Setting up Rules

  • Archiving



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Microsoft Outlook: Useful Featues
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