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Microsoft OneNote: Getting Started with Microsoft OneNote

3 Hours

  • What is OneNote?

  • Ways people use OneNote

  • The OneNote hierarchy

  • Creating a new notebook

  • The Notebook Properties dialog box

  • Creating a section Group

  • Creating a new section

  • Renaming a section

  • Moving a section into a section Group

  • Changing the color of a section

  • Moving a section

  • Deleting a section

  • Adding text to a page

  • Creating a bulleted or numbered list

  • Changing Text Attributes

  • Applying a style to text

  • Highlighting text

  • Aligning text

  • Handwriting

  • Customizing a pen type

  • Converting handwriting to text

  • Working with note containers

  • Spelling

  • Inserting a table

  • Inserting and removing rows and columns from a table

  • Inserting a graphic

  • Inserting a screen capture

  • Inserting web content

  • Inserting mathematical functions

  • Inserting a line or shape

  • Modifying a line or shape

  • Inserting a link

  • Attaching a file

  • Inserting the date and time

  • Inserting an equation

  • Inserting a symbol

  • Recording an audio clip

  • Previewing and printing a note page

  • Searching

  • Working with Outlook

  • Emailing a Page

  • Assigning a task in Outlook

  • Inserting meeting details into OneNote

  • Sending an email to OneNote

  • Inserting a new Page

  • Page Templates

  • Working with subpages

  • Adding or removing space from a page

  • Password protecting a section


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