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Microsoft Forms: Getting Started with Microsoft Forms

3 Hours

  • What is Microsoft Forms?

  • Popular uses of Microsoft Forms

  • How to access Microsoft Forms

  • Accessing Microsoft Forms in Teams

  • The Forms interface

  • Creating a new form

  • Titling a form and adding a description

  • Adding new questions to a form

  • Previewing a form as it appears on a computer or mobile device

  • Question Suggestions

  • Creating sections

  • Branching

  • Adding a theme

  • Collecting responses

  • Viewing responses to surveys or quizzes

  • Opening responses in Excel

  • Printing a summary of responses

  • Sharing a Summary Link

  • Inviting others to add and edit questions, view responses and share with others

  • Allow others to use this as a template and make it their own

  • Accessing Settings

  • Creating surveys in foreign languages

  • Printing forms

  • Creating a new quiz

  • Immersive Reader


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