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Google Chrome: Surfing and Searching the Internet

3 Hours

  • How does the internet work?

  • Important dates in the history of the internet

  • Fun facts

  • Understanding email addresses

  • Understanding URLs

  • Full screen mode

  • Getting help

  • Navigating to websites

  • Going back or forward a page

  • Refreshing a page or website

  • Stopping a page from loading        

  • Finding content on the page

  • Changing the default search provider

  • Home pages

    • Displaying the home icon and setting the home page

    • Moving from the current page to your home page        

  • Zooming in and out of webpages

  • Setting the default zoom percentage

  • Working with tabs

    • Opening webpages in separate tabs

    • Navigating between tabs

    • Moving tabs into their own windows and docking and tiling them

    • Creating new tabs

    • Closing tabs

    • Duplicating tabs

    • Reopening closed tabs

    • Pinning tabs

    • Muting sites - make sure that the site never plays sound

  • Reopening the last browsing session

  • Bookmarks

  • Show the bookmarks bar

    • Adding pages to your list of bookmarks

    • Adding current open tabs to bookmarks

    • Displaying your bookmarks

    • Managing bookmarks

    • Adding a website to your taskbar

  • RSS feeds

  • History - View sites from the last 90 days

    • Viewing history

    • Deleting browsing history

  • Security

    • Identifying whether a site is encrypted

    • Viewing which site a link will bring you to

    • Incognito mode browsing

  • My favorite shortcuts

  • Google searches

    • Effective search techniques

    • Google search operators

    • Advanced searches

    • Accessing Google Search Help

    • Image searches

  • Cool websites


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