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Business and Technical Writing Skills

6 Hours

  • How do business and technical writing differ?

  • The qualities of good business and technical writing

  • Examples of business and technical documents

  • Important skills for a writer to have

  • Five steps to effective writing

  • Determining the purpose of the document

  • Analyzing the audience

  • Prioritizing information

    • Grouping information into Critical, Essential and Non-essential categories

    • Using a Prioritization Matrix when developing an action plan

  • Creating an outline and developing content

    • Using 5 Ws and an H

    • Using a Fishbone Diagram/Outline

    • Using both left brain and right brain skills

  • Creating headlines

  • Choosing the right words

    • Web and Microsoft Word tools for word choice and grammar

    • Jargon, Acronyms, Idioms, Clichés, Slang, Euphemisms, Colloquialisms

    • The difference between Shall and Should

    • Using grammar properly

    • Avoiding gender bias

    • Using the active and passive voice

    • Using a positive tone

  • Sequencing the document

    • Where to put your bottom line

    • Typical order for sequencing reports

    • Sequencing based on audience

  • Things to avoid

  • Proofreading suggestions

  • Creating a clean visual design


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