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Bluebeam Revu Classes

Bluebeam Revu Basics

3 Hours


Interface and Navigation

  • Command bar and toolbars

  • Hidden panels and tab Access

  • Navigation and status bar

  • PDF navigation

  • File Access tab

  • Split screen and syncing


Profiles and Profile Management

  • Creating profiles

  • Customizing toolbars


Markup Tools for Drawings 

  • Overview of markup tools

  • Scaling and rotating markups

  • Customizing the appearance properties of markups

  • Adding subject lines

  • Inserting images using Capture

  • Using the Snapshot tool 


Customize Markups

  • Format Painter

  • Adding actions to markup

  • Grouping markups



  • Creating and applying a stamp

  • Applying a stamp to page(s) from thumbnails


The Tool Chest and Sharing Customized Markups 

  • Overview of the Tool Chest

  • Properties Mode vs. Drawing Mode

  • Creating a custom tool set

  • Saving a custom markup to a tool set

  • Sharing a tool set with colleagues


The Markups List for Tracking Comments 

  • Overview of Markups List

  • Sorting data in the Markups List

  • Custom columns

  • Importing comments from multiple PDFs onto your file

  • Filtering data

  • Setting statuses

  • Creating custom status fields

  • Replying to comments

  • Exporting all markup data

  • PDF and Excel summaries


Document Manipulation 

  • Inserting a blank page, inserting existing page,

  • Deleting and reordering pages

  • Searching text

  • Searching visuals


Bluebeam Revu Document Control

3 hours


AutoMark and Page Extraction

  • Running AutoMark to set page labels

  • Setting bookmarks from page labels

  • Extracting all pages to break into individual PDF’s


PDF Create and Organization

  • Creating blank PDF and setting options

  • Saving a template

  • Creating a PDF from Outlook and Word

  • Creating a PDF from web


PDF Manipulation

  • Editing text

  • Combining PDFs

  • Sending and exporting

  • Splitting PDFs

  • Exporting to another file format


Creating a Navigable Drawing Set

  • Linking a drawing set

  • Vector vs. raster drawings

  • Adding hyperlinks via Edit Action

  • Adding links using the Links and Places tabs


Document Comparison and Overlay Pages

  • Detecting changes with revised sets via Compare Documents

  • Detecting changes using Overlay Pages

  • Overlaying two differently sized sheets using Pick Points



  • Using sets to view separate PDF files as if they are one combined file

  • Setting up a set

  • Viewing revision history in sets

  • Compare documents and overlay pages from sets


Using Sets with Bluebeam Studio Projects

  • Overview of Studio Projects

  • Setting up a Studio Project and uploading files

  • Uploading and editing a set within projects

  • Inviting others and setting permissions

  • Read-only mode vs. checking out

  • Working offline


Bluebeam Extreme Forms

2 Hours

Bluebeam Extreme ONLY (other versions do not have this functionality)

Create and Edit PDF Forms

  • Working in Forms Editor

  • Adding form fields

  • Define form field properties

  • Validate form data

  • Use buttons to create actions

  • Collecting data from forms


Automatic Forms  (Extreme 2017 Only)

  • Create an Automatic Form



  • Process text documents to make them readable and searchable

  • Batch OCR+


Bluebeam for Estimators - Measurements and Takeoffs

3 Hours

Loading the Takeoffs Profile

  • Calibration

  • How to calibrate a drawing to correct scale

  • Entering known scale

  • Viewports


Measurement Tools

  • Linear Tools: length, area, perimeter, volume

  • Diameter, angle, radius, converting lines to arcs

  • Visual Search + Count

  • Adding depth to get wall area

  • Organizing takeoffs by moving measurement captions

  • Grouping measurements by layers


Creating Custom Measurement Tools

  • Customizing the look of your measurement markup

  • Subject line, appearance properties

  • Saving a markup into a custom tool set

  • Creating sequences in the tool set for sequential counting

  • Sketch Tools

  • Dynamic Tool Sets Scaler


Basic Estimation in the Markups List and Exporting to Excel

  • Turning on measurement columns

  • Custom columns

  • Creating materials custom column

  • Creating formula columns to calculate costs

  • Managing and importing materials in CSV file format

  • Filtering data in the Markups list

  • Exporting takeoff data to CSV file format


Bluebeam Revu & Microsoft Word - Document Editing, Collaboration & Comparison

3 Hours


Bluebeam Revu

Editing a PDF Document

  • Editing text

  • Reviewing text

  • Formatting text

  • Creating hyperlinks

  • Searching and hyperlink

  • Creating bookmarks

  • Headers and footers

  • Inserting comments


Manipulate PDF Documents

  • Extracting pages

  • Replacing pages

  • Splitting PDF documents

  • Exporting to another file format

  • Document comparison

  • Comparing documents

Microsoft Word

Reviewing and Collaborating on Documents

  • Tracking changes

  • Viewing markup

  • Accepting and rejecting changes

  • Inserting comments

  • Displaying and editing comments

  • Deleting comments

  • Showing or hiding comments

Document Comparison

  • Comparing documents

  • Combining documents

Creating PDF Documents

  • Creating PDF documents in Word

  • Creating PDF documents in Excel

  • Creating PDF documents from a Web Page

  • Opening a PDF in Word


Bluebeam Revu Documnt Control
Bluebeam Extreme Forms
Bluebeam for Estimators - Measuremnts ad Takeoffs
Blubeam Revu & Microsoft Word
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