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Adobe Acrobat: Getting Started with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe Acrobat Classes


Adobe Acrobat: Getting Started with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

3 Hours

  • What is Adobe Acrobat DC?

  • Creating PDFs from Office documents

  • Creating PDFs from other programs

  • Converting a PDF document to Microsoft Word

  • Converting a PDF document to a text document

  • Accessing Help

  • Selecting preferences

  • Showing and hiding toolbars

  • Displaying a Theme

  • Accessing Read Mode and Full Screen Mode

  • Read Out Loud

  • Rotating pages

  • Thumbnails, Bookmarks and Attachments

  • Saving files locally and to the Document Cloud

  • Starring files

  • Printing files

  • Sharing Files

  • Finding Text

  • Moving between pages

  • Panning

  • Zooming

  • Moving between views

  • Using Sticky Notes

  • Highlighting text

  • Marking up a document

  • Filling out a form

  • Signing a document


Adobe Acrobat: Getting Started with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

3 Hours

  • Browsing a PDF document

  • Navigating to specific content within a PDF document

  • Conducting a simple search

  • Extracting content from a PDF document

  • Creating PDF documents

    • Creating a PDF document from a Word document

    • Creating PDF documents using the print command

    • Creating PDF documents from web pages

    • Creating a PDF document using Acrobat

  • Manipulating PDF document pages

    • Editing text in a PDF

    • Adding headers and footers

    • Customizing page numbering

  • Using Bookmarks

    • Navigating using bookmarks

    • Creating bookmarks

    • Modifying bookmarks

    • Rearranging bookmarks

  • Creating and modifying links

  • Formatting a Story as an article

  • Organizing PDFs into a collection

  • Controlling access to multiple PDF documents

  • Searching multiple PDF documents

  • Choosing a collaboration workflow

  • Adding review tools to a PDF document

  • Digitally signing a PDF document

  • Markup a PDF document

  • Compiling and viewing comments from multiple reviewers



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