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Microsoft Planner: Getting Started with Microsoft Planner

3 Hours

  • What is Planner and how might you use it?

  • Accessing Microsoft Planner

  • Assigning Themes

  • Working with the Navigation Pane

    • New Plan Icon

    • Planner Hub

    • Assigned to Me

  • Creating a plan

  • Renaming a plan

  • Adding and removing members to/from a plan

  • Creating buckets to organize tasks

  • Reordering buckets

  • Moving tasks between buckets

  • Renaming buckets

  • Creating tasks in a bucket

  • Adding/changing additional task information

  • Categorizing with a label

  • Creating checklist items

  • Adding attachments to a task

  • Viewing attached files

  • Reordering tasks

  • Changing a task's progress

  • Copying tasks

  • Working with members/guests

    • Assiging tasks to members

    • Highlighting the tasks for a member

    • Viewing members

  • Grouping tasks

  • Filtering Tasks

  • Working with Grid View

  • Working with the Charts View

  • Working with the Schedule View

  • Plan settings

  • Creating a link to a task

  • Creating a link to a plan

  • Exporting to Excel

  • Accessing the Planner OneNote notebook

  • Using Planner in Teams

  • Create a Planner Task from a Microsoft Teams Chat Message

  • Understanding notification options

  • Adding a plan to the Outlook calendar

  • Copying a plan

  • Conversation

  • Accessing the SharePoint Site

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